HOVIS Trolls

Threesixty had great fun working with Hovis on their 8 million pack Trolls promotion. Hovis are offering the chance for one lucky winner to visit Dreamworks and Fox Studios in Los Angeles.  

“We brought all our experience with licence character brands to this project. Letting the Trolls take over the top half of the pack has allowed them to really jump off the shelf.”
Chris Trollsted
Head Troll of Crayons  

After working on designs with these zany little characters, team Threesixty couldn't wait to see the movie on the big screen. Using our kids as a great excuse, we took them on a team night out in London. The movie is a smart, funny and cheeky animated buddy movie. The two main characters Poppy and Branch, voiced by Anna Kendrick and Justin Timberlake, set off on a journey to save their friends after their village is invaded by the Bergens. A superb heart warming and uplifting tale with some great tunes that are already gracing the Threesixty Studio playlist!