Packaging’s Future Influencers

A recent report by David Luttenburger, Global Packaging Director Mintel has highlighted 5 areas set to influence packaging in the future. Here are the highlights...

1)    Packaging Structure and branding

Consumers believe that high quality food packaging is an indicator of product quality. Good packaging protects your product. Great packaging protects your brand.

2)    Packaging Online

Grocery brands have yet to capitalise on the role of packaging in the ecommerce shopper moment. Brands must explore the threats and opportunities online shopping can bring.

3)    Smart active, Intelligent, Packaging

Food safety, waste reduction, allergy advice and fraudulent, dangerous products are some of the core drivers for intelligent packaging. There are real opportunities for brands to engage, entertain and educate customers in real time.

4)    Experience of Packaging

Consumers are looking for brands to entertain and engage them. A monotonous retail experience driven by globalization has led to a sea of packaging that all looks the same and suffers information overload. The next generation of consumers they want packaging to not just create connections but drive experiences.

5)    Extending your brand

In this coming year Mintel’s Global packaging Team sees packaging performing a pivotal role in helping brands gain entry into, and acceptance in new categories.

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