FMCG - Fast, Tough, Relentless, Exciting!

The retail landscape continues to undergo revolutionary shifts - serving up threats and challenges to the high street on a daily basis.


The internet has reinvented the way we shop; retailers and brands that have been slow to respond have either closed or downsized.

Globalisation has connected the world like never before – enabling opportunities for companies to specify and buy products cheaply and efficiently from the lowest bidder – around the globe

The squeeze on incomes means shoppers actively seek out quality at the right price and the internet enables them to check and compare in real time.


Fast Fashion is IN fashion. Everything changes FAST. Consumers demand new, best and value. There is no such thing as Loyalty. You keep up or you die. Those that fly – lead from the front. Setting the tone, the agenda and driving trends.


Smaller brands are being sought out and championed by consumers who are making much more considered purchases than just 10 years ago. And mass retailers are supporting smaller brands too.

It’s Fast, It’s Chaotic, It’s Competitive, It’s Tough.


But the opportunities are still vast, and strategically managed brands are thriving.

The brand that stands out. The brand that acts differently. The brand that adapts to remain fresh and relevant. The brand that makes you smile. The brand that offers more and does good.


These are the brands that transcend their categories and create value for stakeholders.

If you’re starting out, scaling-up or reinventing, Threesixty has the strategy and branding skills to deliver measurable success.


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