The Age of the

Challenger Brand

Brands with purpose. Brands with vision. Brands that give back, do good and bring a fresh perspective.


At Threesixty, we embrace the responsibility of bringing today’s Challenger Brand to life. Whether a wholly new concept, renovation or scale-up, Threesixty helps you build a robust, dynamic, disruptive and successful brand for launch... and beyond.


Design HQ

Support Office - West Country

52 Furze Platt Road,

Maidenhead, Berkshire,


Ditcheat Hill Farmhouse,

Dicheat Hill, Ditcheat, Somerset,


A line up of the Foraisha baby food pouches in orange, green, pink, yellow and blue. The fudge kings logo artwork. A crown with brand name and fudge Mudwalls green asparagus with mudwalls purple logo artwork black mountain smokery packaging designed by threesixty design. photo of packaging with salmon inside. Hovis 6 soft white finger rolls white, orange and yellow pack on a yellow background with wheat in the background
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