Challenging the Climbing Sector

In an increasingly crowded market, how do you launch a new

Bouldering Centre for success?


The sport has grown massively in popularity over the past 20 years and the sector is now awash with professionally run indoor centres right across the UK.


So, how do you stand out and get traction as a new entrant?

Finding the gap

Threesixty worked closely with the founders to find a unique space in the

Bouldering Community.


Employing detailed research into analagous sectors, the sport of climbing and with prospective users. We developed a bold and unique proposition: FREEKLIME delivers a clear focus on new, young and less able-bodied climbers - a mission to deliver access to climbing for all.


Better still, far from competing directly with the established climbing centres. FREEKLIME is positioned as a brand that ignites and grows interest in the sport - encouraging users to graduate on to bigger and more complex climbing challenges.


FREEKLIME - a new breed of climbing centre.

This is not your stuffy climbing box for those in-the-know.

FREEKLIME is all about getting active, meeting new people and making friends.

And if we introduce a few folk to a lifelong love of climbing, then job done!


FREEKLIME (Pron; Free Climb) naming, identity, characterisation, site signage, brand playbook and a myriad of brand assets were created by Threesixty - ready for use by other creative agencies to help grow and develop the brand.

Within six weeks of launch, the brand attracted over 1000 followers

on both Instagram and Facebook


Greater still, BBC’s Look North regional news show immediately understood FREEKLIME’s accessibility-angle and featured a group of visually impaired professional and novice climbers at the new centre in their prime-time show.


Incredible coverage within eight weeks of opening.



Contact Jon Stevens for further information.

"From early stage mentoring through to development of our fantastic branding, Threesixty supported us every step of the way.


The agency helped develop our unique proposition - engaging to both novice and experienced climbers alike. This helped attract great PR along with a package on BBC Look North - coverage that money can’t buy!


Since launch, we’ve clearly benefited from Threesixty’s brand playbook - enabling us to keep a grip on and deliver a consistent customer journey - from social media comms to website and the physical site manifestation.


All visitor forecasts are being met and we continue to grow in line with expectations.


Many thanks to the team at Threesixty!"


Chris Whitehead


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