Tiny spoons brand name. Purple background with fruits like banana, strawberries and blackberries on the edges

Tiny Spoons

India’s first pouched Baby Food brand

India’s pre-prepared baby food sector is in its infancy. The vast majority of parents finding grey-import, pre-packed products too expensive or not trusting the quality and provenance of the ingredients.

Elephant vector with decoration in orange, pink and purple.

To address these concerns, Tiny Spoons was born.

Tiny spoon pouches in purple and pink on a pin kbackground with branding design on pouch with fruits and elephant

The founders approached Threesixty to help devise a brand that would deliver an affordable pouched product that parents would trust. Sourced and packed in Europe, but delivered by an Indian company that understands the needs of parent and child.

The playful, authentic baby elephant, spoon icon and crafted ingredients form the building blocks of the brand values for launch and beyond.

Contact Jon Stevens for further information.

tiny spoon pouches in purple and pink on a wooden background surrounded by banana, apple, strawberries and blackberries.

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